"Jerry Springer" exec producer out

Richard Dominick, the executive producer of Jerry Springer and The Steve Wilkos Show has been axed as executive producer of both shows by NBC Universal.

Dominick was named executive producer of Springer in the spring of 1994 and was instrumental in turning around Jerry Springer from a talk show near death to a ratings bonanza (at least during the late ’90’s) with its chair-throwing, fists-flying, no-holds approach to life’s problems.

No reason was given on why Dominick was canned, but one source said station groups carrying Springer – notably Tribune (who carries the program in most of its markets except Chicago and Denver) – were urging NBC Universal to tone down the raunchy content.

Already, Springer‘s upcoming season was to return to the format of telling one story per hour, as opposed to several stretched out all over the place and featuring carny-like characters.

Could this really be the last stand for Springer? With unimpressive ratings as of late and the program’s contract up with stations in 2010, the removal of Dominick -who was one of Springer’s closest and staunchest allies when activists were protesting the program’s content – says a lot.

Meanwhile, the other talk show Dominick produced featuring the Morton Downey Jr. clone was somehow green-lighted for a second season despite being the lowest-rated talk show entry last season. This show could be a goner after this upcoming season if ratings don’t improve.


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