T Dog vs. The PTC

Ding! Ding! Ding! Step right up for the fight of the century as T Dog takes on The Parents Television Council!

An article at B&C’s website today regarding how Hollywood is dealing with the FCC rules in the wake of a lower-court decision throwing out the FCC fines regarding the Super Bowl halftime fiasco in 2004, and one of the stooges from the PTC responded in the article in the comments section of the story and yours truly responded in kind – not so kindly.

Now it you’ve read this blog since the beginning, you know where I stand on the Parents Television Council. To read past posts regarding my complete, utter hatred of this group of disgusting individuals, click here and here. I’d rather convert to being a Cubs fan than to join this inane organ-i-zation (Ouch!)

To view the article and the throwdown showdown (and what I’m certain is going to be an intense flame war), click here.

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