TCA: SciFi may consider "Caprica" for series

SciFi is considering bypassing “the backdoor pilot” process for Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica and may make it into a series instead. Caprica is set on the planet of the same name, and showrunner Ron Moore says it won’t matter how the prequel ends – but having it would add supense.

Caprica had a panel at the TCA Press Tour featuring Moore with producers and cast members, and they fielded questions from the corps. No word on when the project premieres, but if it is ordered into a series, it could push it back a couple of months.

In other SciFi news:

– The net announced it was moving ahead with three new series: Cash or Capture, in which a contestant is chased by hunters (mainly resembling Dick Cheney); Estate of Panic, a reality competition with contestants staying in a haunted house (who saw that one coming?); and a new comedy titled Outer Space Astronauts, a combination of live action and 3D-2D animation featuring an inept space crew (sounds like a bad 1970’s Saturday Morning show.)

– SciFi is also expanding and reorganizing its business into one entity titled SciFi Ventures. The new combo bring together SciFi Media, SciFi Games, and so forth.

– Ans also look for more original movies from SciFi in 2009, with production output boosted 50 percent from 2008. SciFi will showcase a whopping 36 new flicks next year, up from 24 this year.