R.I.P. Tony Snow and Bobby Mercer

Two men had different paths in life, and both die of the same disease – cancer. Former Fox News commentator and White House press secretary Tony Snow and former Yankee great Bobby Mercer both died yesterday from cancer.

Snow died at the all too-young age of 53 from colon cancer. He was one of the original Fox News personalities when the cable net launched in 1996, and became President Bush’s press secretary in 2006 when his cancer went into remission. But the cancer returned and he was sidelined for the most part, aside from a handful appearances on CNN.

Meanwhile, Mercer passed away on the same day of brain cancer at the age of 62. Mercer was a five-time All-Star for the New York Yankees and also later played for the Chicago Cubs. Mercer became the analyst for Yankees games on the YES Network, which netted him three Emmy Awards.