New hire at Tribune

Remember when I said last week about Cara Carriveau returning to radio and one of her former bosses was out of the business? Well, that individual has landed a new job as well.

Tim Dukes, who was fired by WLUP-FM in February 2007, has landed at Tribune Co. as Vice-President of promotions for its broadcasting and interactive. Dukes previously held a position at Wachovia Securities. How was he hired? According to Radio & Records (jokingly, of course):

“I ignored Marc [Chase] and Sean [Compton] at first,” Dukes says of the duo’s overtures. “I was finally in a respectable career and hoped they’d stop calling. Then they showed up in my office lobby, and, like Jake and Elwood in The Blues Brothers restaurant scene, set out to embarrass me at work: tossing food into each others mouths, locking arms while eating shrimp cocktail and talking in lousy French accents. I resigned on the spot just so they’d knock it off.”

Talk about bypassing human resources…