More Comic-Con news

Recapping Day 3 and Day 4:

– More panels: The two shows that are promoted the least (because they have nothing to do with rich teens) on CW had back-to-back panels at the Con: Smallville and Supernatural. To read more on what’s on tap for their new seasons, click here.

– A trio of Fox dramas had panels over the weekend as well. Bones, as well Sarah Connor Chronicles and the new Joss Whedon drama Dollhouse (they should rename this Whedon-Con) satisfied fans of each, and got the answers they were looking for (and to look at the hot Eliza Dushku)

– NBC’s Chuck had a six-minute preview of the second season at their jam-packed panel, and featured actor Adam Baldwin in character saying he’ll hunt anyone down if the video showed up anywhere else (too late – it showed up on YouTube.) Watch out…

– The Office being at Comic-Con is much like a displaced Bears fan in Green Bay – a fish out of water. Still, the Emmy-winning comedy had a panel at the convention, and a question about a robot invansion was asked to one member of the cast. Welcome to the Con, guys.