Mike North headed south?

With owner CBS Corp. cutting salaries and jobs across the board, it’s no surprise that insiders are speculating on the future of morning personality Mike North at sports talk station WSCR-AM.

With his contract expiring at the end of this month, North may no longer be at the helm in the mornings, given his $1.5 million contract. With ratings for his show declining and losing to the inane Mike & Mike in the Morning on rival WMVP, North might have to take a pay cut or move to another, less expensive time slot. A possibility is Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley’s midday show moving to the morning.

Mully and Hanley actually draw better ratings (among the target audience of men 25-54) in middays than North does in the mornings (however, this is like comparing the performances of Live with Regis & Kelly and Wheel of Fortune – they both air in different dayparts.)