T Dog’s Think Tank: The Greatest Hits Collection

As promised, here is my take on Chicago media’s coverage of the city’s minority neighborhoods in the aftermath of a recent crime spree…

Wait a minute… Haven’t I written about this before?

In fact, I have. I was getting ready to write this Think Tank about media coverage of crime in minority communities, but I realized I would be only repeating myself. If you’ve read my past Think Tanks on Chicago issues, then you know where I stand.

A few weekends ago, around 40 people were shot in Chicago and eight people were killed. In a recent post, I quoted that this could hurt the city’s image around the world and possibly cost the city a shot at the 2016 Olympics (in fact, I think it already has.)

Of course, this was before Rev. Jeremiah Wright opened his mouth and after Ozzie Guillen opened his, and Cedric Benson’s arrest.

As usual, the Chicago media was shameful in their coverage of Chicago’s crime fiasco, while the Sun-Times thought it was more important to put Ozzie on the cover of it’s worthless newspaper rather than the Obama-Clinton showdown in neighboring Indiana yesterday. Man, where is the Chicago Defender when you need it?

And the Sun-Times “Stop the Violence” campaign is a mockery more than anything else. It’s self-serving at best. What’s next, a “Save the Whales” campaign? How about a “Save Jericho” campaign? Send in your peanuts to the Sun-Times. If you’re lucky, maybe someone in management has a peanut allergy.

Oh, yeah. This is a paper who allows racists to comment on their website, but let won’t anyone comment on the garbage Mariotti writes daily. Ah… there’s nothing like giving the middle finger to your readers – what’s left of them. Their stock price, as of Wednesday, is a measly 69 cents a share, and is being delisted from the NYSE. Enough said.

I can tell you what I really think of all this, from Ozzie to Chicago’s image. But why repeat myself? Instead, I point you to these recent Think Tanks I wrote:

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Of course, there is an underlying theme in all of these Think Tanks: Chicago’s news media is greedy, stupid, selfish, unethical, and totally inept. Why should I write a Think Tank about this again? Wait a minute… I think I just did.