PTC rips NBC "Family Hour" pledge

Regarding the peacock network’s Thursday night comedies. And this after the organization praised NBC for setting aside the 7-8 p.m. hour (Central) for family shows. And what about last night’s Deal or No Deal (another show they endlessly praise), which featured a rather raunchy Spring Break episode? If the PTC has to change their story, then this group clearly has no credibility (they never had any to begin with.)

As for the Emmy-winning 30 Rock, while the show is creative and out-of-the box (yours truly loves programming like that), these guys are no South Park (but its’ close.) The animated comedy has done satire somewhat better than Tina Fey & Co., though give 30 Rock credit for trying, plus props for filming the show in New York City. Let’s hope 30 Rock is on for years to come.

Now…. MILF stands for what? Not these ladies, unless I had a blindfold on…