"Quincy" sues NBC Universal

Jack Klugman, who starred in the NBC crime drama Quincy, is suing the network over the show’s profits.

Klugman has filed a lawsuit against NBC Universal over the program’s revenue, and claims the studio is being dishonest over the issue. In the contract, Klugman and his production company was entitled to a quarter of the profits. Klugman claimed his agent “lost” the copy of the contract and NBC has refused to issue their copy.

Universal Television produced Quincy for NBC between 1976 to 1983 for NBC. In 2004, NBC and Universal merged to become NBC Universal.

Quincy is the forerunner to future forensic programs such as DaVinci’s Inquest and the current trio of CSI dramas, and has been successful in off-net syndication since the early 1980s. It was still so popular that CBS-owned KCBS-TV in Los Angeles replaced the low-rated The Joan Rivers Show in its 3 p.m. weekday time slot with Quincy reruns in March 1991.

Quincy currently airs on MeTV (WWME-TV) in Chicago.

Klugman is a noted dramatic actor – in addition to playing Quincy, he also had roles on Naked City and The Twilight Zone, but he’s best remembered for playing opposite Tony Randall on ABC’s sitcom The Odd Couple from 1970 to 1975.