NBC buys, destroys, sells WTVJ

That’s according to Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel TV Critic Tom Jicha, who is dead on correct about NBC, who bought WTVJ (a CBS affiliate) in 1987, switched its long-time affiliation from WSVN-TV two years later, then traded in a strong channel position (Channel 4) to CBS for a weak one (Channel 6) in 1995 so they can own WCAU-TV (another former CBS O&O) in Philadelphia.

And what became of WSVN you ask? Well, they hooked up with Fox, expanded local news, caught fire with American Idol, and has beaten WTVJ ever since. (click here and scroll up for my take on the WTVJ mess – and why it was CBS’ fault as much as it was NBC’s. And no, I do not live in Lincolnwood…)