The "Price" was definitely right

L.O. to the freakin’ L…

While Deal or No Deal couldn’t give away one million dollars on their show (even after filling thirteen suitcases with the prize), the prime-time version of The Price Is Right and host Drew Carey actually went out and did it – when contestant Adam Rose came within $880 of the actual retail price in the Showcase Showdown. Rose not only walked away with the showcase, he also walked away with a cool million (Rose won a total of $1,153,908 in cash and prizes. Not bad for a teacher!)

So while Price gave away one million, Deal focused on gimmick (The Banker – a.k.a Jeff “Doogie” Zucker – smashing a contestants’ piggy bank) after gimmick (suspending a contestant’s husband high above the stage exposing his fear of heights) after gimmick (a contestant said she was afraid of cats – and guess what – out come the cats.)

So while Price may not match Deal in the drama department – or in the ratings – at least Price did something that Deal has not done to this point – make someone a million dollar winner. And to this game show fan, Deal needs to get serious and cut out the gimmicks and speed up the game – before the viewers start to bail. And with the program entering first-run syndication as a daily strip in September, it needs to do this and fast.

BTW: In case you’re wondering – yes, there is a connection between the two shows – somewhat. Claudia Jordan (Suitcase Model Number 1) was a Barker Beauty on Price before she joined Deal in 2005. So, what were her days on Price like? Don’t ask.