Oh, shut up!

From the person who doesn’t know anything about sports – or anything else for that matter, Jay Moron – I mean Mariotti, addresses the Chet Coppock controversy, being the hypocritical douchebag he is. And of course, he finds time to rip on White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf while he’s at it. He has a nerve to talk about ethics when his worthless and soon-to-be defunct paper endues scandal after scandal after scandal, including one this week.

He also has the nerve to talk about racist behavior when he wrote that Shani Davis article during the Winter Olympics two years ago.

Again, I ask: what happened to responsibility in the media? From Michael Savage to Bill O’Reilly to Jay Mariotti to various other sports and talk show hosts, these clowns are using the public airwaves and print to launch personal attacks against people they don’t like. And it’s getting quite tiresome. The public is finally getting weary of this childish behavior, and Big Media better damn well take notice.

Do you want to know why Mariotti decided to put out this column on a Saturday – a day you usually don’t find him in the paper? So he can seize the opportunity to attack one of his enemies who made a huge public goof. That’s just as bad. And disgusting.

And Chicago’s news media should know better – which they don’t. Mariotti, Coppock, and the rest of their ilk is one of the reasons why the Chicago news media is a complete laughing stock, and why Chicago sports journalism is the worst in the country.

It’s worst enough Chicago sports is in the gutter – Chicago’s news media seems to be in there with it. And we have FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to thank.