Burger King freaks out; Wendy’s wigs out

The “Whopper Freakout” campaign boosted sales of the sandwich for Burger King, which features angry customers demanding Whoppers after being told that the chain’s doesn’t sell them anymore. It’s all a gag of course. (Here is the Web version:)

The campaign drew 250,000 vistors to its WhopperFreakout.com website, according to ComScore, and grew to 1.5 million views in January.

The exact opposite of Burger King’s successful Whopper Freakout has to be Wendy’s Red Wig campaign: Wendy’s pulled the plug on the inane ads this week, marking the second straight failed ad campaign for Wendy’s (following the just as inane “Mr. Wendy” ads):

Like “Mr. Wendy”, the campaign failed to drive customers to its restaurants. At least we are no longer subjected to idiots kicking trees and demanding hot, juicy burgers in red wigs… Where’s the beef?

Or Dave Thomas? (I couldn’t find his first commercial, which came out in 1989, so this is the best I can do… R.I.P., Dave…)