Worst Person in Media This Week – 12/06/2007

This was a long time coming.

This week’s award goes to FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin. Why, you may ask?

Pursing a personal agenda…. The 70/70 market-threshold position to regulate cable… The continuing war on indecency… Making a decision on Tribune even before the FCC hearings here in Chicago last September… A person who’s nothing but a puppet for the Bush Administration, and could care less about communications… Scheduling a hearing in Seattle at the last minute… Fumbling on minority issues regarding ownership of TV and radio stations… Delaying a recent hearing in Washington for 12 hours… Congressmen from both parties hate him… Wanting a vote on Dec. 18 so he can speed his personal communications agenda through… An all around jerk…

I could go on and on and on… He is truly the worst FCC commissioner ever, coming from the worst Presidential Administration ever. No one is surprised here. The sooner he leaves, the better.