Think Tank Light: WGN-TV’s FCC license challenge dismissed

Ah, a think tank that isn’t more than ten paragraphs long…

The FCC has dismissed a bogus license challenge against WGN-TV, coming after the Tribune Company got waivers to permanently keep WGN-TV, WGN-AM, and the Chicago Tribune.

The interesting thing yours truly has observed regarding this controversy, is that many Chicagoans don’t seem to be concerned (or care) about the three media entities being held together. This was a bigger story in Washington (where the vote came across party lines) than it was in Chicago.

Are the Democratic FCC commissioners making too much of a big deal out of this? They don’t reside here, you know. You think the Republican members of the FCC granted the permanent waivers in Chicago in the name of localism for us Chicagoans so WGN-AM won’t get gobbled up by a out-of-town media conglomerate? Gee, how convenient.

Then again, you wonder if this waiver is a victory for Chicago Democrats, who love corruption and have benefited from the lightweight reporting on the matter from the Tribune as well as the Sun-Times. Not one Chicago Democrat spoke out on what went down Friday at the FCC. Typical.

And yes, these are the same people Chicagoans keep electing into office term after term after term. No wonder they are not concerned about the Tribune Company. They complain, but at the same time, don’t care. Maybe they will care when the tax bills starting arriving in their mailbox.

Just a thought.