The Excellent 10 of 2007 and more

From #10 to #1, the best TV shows of 2007…

10) Chuck (NBC) Computer geek who works at a big-box is also a spy. Great concept.

9) Mad Men (AMC). Realistic look at ad agency business in the 1960’s, far more accurate than what you saw on Bewitched. On Mad Men, nobody becomes impotent from spells cast by Endora.

8) Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) – Alright, for those of you who don’t think Keith Olbermann is funny and witty – you don’t have a sense of humor. Or you are on the right. Same thing…

7) King of the Hill (Fox).

6) Ugly Betty (ABC) Down from #3 last year.

5) Pardon the Interruption (ESPN).

4) The Daily Show (Comedy Central) Come back Jon and hurry!

3) Family Guy (Fox). Last year’s #1.

2) South Park (Comedy Central) “Guitar Queer-O”and “ImaginationLand: The Trilogy” – the best episodes on TV this year. Congrats to Matt and Trey on another wonderful season.

1) Simpsons (Fox) Great rebound this year, thanks to The Simpsons Movie and a fall season (its 19th) that’s the best its been in years.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Steve Wilkos Show (syndicated – no, I’m not delirious), The Amazing Race (CBS), Power of 10 (CBS), Colbert Report (Comedy Central).


America’s Next Top Model. Last year’s #4, this last cycle of this show was not exactly one of the best, with obviously staged catfights, Tyra Banks belittling a contestant for quitting, and picking a winner of the competition who’s worked with her before (Tyra must’ve studied Chicago politics before making that decision.) This program is a step away from becoming another reality show also-ran.

Heroes. Man. And you thought the Bears were disappointing. What happened? Last year’s Cristal is this year’s Keystone Light, with inconsistent storylines, poor special effects, two lackluster season finales, and over-dramatic acting. I know what the fans of the show are telling me – if you don’t like it, go back to watching Girlfriends (hey, yours truly isn’t that desperate.) but anyone who thinks Heroes‘ season two is better than season one also think the Bears’ Rex Grossman was a better quarterback this season than last (there I go again…)

Ugly Betty. Last year’s #3. While the show’s quality has remained consistent (unlike Heroes), the ratings for the show have dropped. ABC should have moved Ugly Betty to Wednesdays at 8 (CT) for its second season. The program would play much better there than on Thursdays in the earlier time slot, where it is getting swatted by Survivor and now by that 5th Grader show.

BEST COMEBACK OF THE YEAR: The Chicago Blackhawks. After Bill Wirtz died, the team was taken over by his son Rocky. What did he do? For starters, he put home games on TV, hired John McDonough (formerly of the Cubs) as president of the club, and improved the team’s marketing efforts with the focus on two rookies – Patrick Kane and Jonathan Loews. This exciting young team has made hockey in Chicago watchable again. Restore the roar, indeed.

BEST COMMERCIAL: A classy tribute to the late Dick Wilson (a.k.a “Mr. Whipple”) from Procter & Gamble, who always reminded us not to squeeze the Charmin. Best tribute since the ads honoring Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas and Fred (“Time to make the donuts”) from Dunkin’ Donuts when they died. A great nod to the past.

BEST PROMOTION: 7-Eleven converting ten of its stores nationwide (including one here on the city’s Southwest Side) to Kwik-E-Marts to promote The Simpsons Movie.

BEST TEAM: No doubt about this – The New England Patriots with their undefeated season.

BEST MOVE BY A CHICAGO RADIO STATION: WLIT canning Delilah’s loser of a syndicated show. Yeehaw! (and getting rid of Whoopi Goldberg’s show in the process.)

BEST MEDIA OUTLETS: WGN on the radio side and WLS on the TV side. This has been for how long now?

And that’s a wrap for The T Dog Media Blog in 2007. Thanks for stopping by and see you next year!

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