Propaganda alley

It’s too bad I already decided on who gets the WPIMTW award this week, but there’s always next week:

– The Prick Tofu Crud (a.k.a the Parents Television Council) is at it again, this time complaining about an episode of NBC’s Las Vegas that aired at 9 p.m. (Central) on Nov. 30 regarding a scene involving a stripper. They are urging their members (or fascists as I call them) to flood the FCC with complaints.

– And it turns out we’ve got our own PTC-like group in the Chicago area: The Glen Ellyn-based Illinois Family Institute (funny name) headed by resident dork David Edward Smith (who “claims” that he drove Mancow Mueller from the airwaves), is starting a petition drive to force the networks that carry NFL games (mainly CBS and Fox) to town down the content during the commercials. Among the spots he cited included promos for Family Guy and ‘Til Death and ads for theatrical movies on CBS (not stated in the article, but I assume the promos for CBS’ lineup of its raunchy Monday night comedies were among the complaints as well.)

This comes after the FCC recently rejected a complaint from someone in Naperville regarding WGN-TV’s often raunchy programming, which included Maury and CW’s Friday Night Smackdown!

Rant: Enough. I’ve had enough. I am tired of these right-wing, facist groups who think they can control what people watch on TV and tries to hoist “their lifestyle” on other people. Face it, it’s not 1965 anymore. What pisses me off even more as this Smith guy from the suburbs (who probably is the only guy in this “Illinois Family Institute”) thinks he can do the same thing.

I dare you to cross Austin Blvd. (or heck, even the Tri-State Tollway) and spread your “gospel” and your definition of “family” and see what you get. Do like everyone else and get a DVR if you don’t like the commercials.