A thought…

Recently, several individuals who have made contributions to their respective fields – from Donda West to Jimmy Stagg from Roger King to Mark Sullivan to Terry Armour – have passed on. They made them in their own, unique ways.

One person was a very gifted and talented DJ in the 1960’s. Another wrote a column for a major newspaper and had the heart and personality to warm the room. Another was a person who turned the syndication business on its head and made it and his company a multi-million dollar venture. One was the mother of a major hip-hop star – and a person who excelled in her own right as a successful educator (at my alma mater, no less) and an author. Another was a singer and songwriter who loved radio and was an all-around good guy.

Yes, we are mourning their deaths. But let’s celebrate their lives as well.

This is a reminder to everyone – life is what you make it. You never know when it is going to be taken away from you. Make every minute of your life count. Make contributions. Make a difference. These wonderful people did.