They like us… They really, really like us…

An item on James Hibberd’s blog on the writer’s strike has turned the comments section to a free-for-all, attacking writers and bloggers, and yours truly in particular:


Wow, T Dog, is that professional writing? It is so impressive. Question: If a script falls in the forest and no one hears it it does it deserve a residual?

Yours truly shot back:

Gee Fred, was that a compliment? Or are you a Cubs fan? (Cubs fan = stupid)

Ah, there’s nothing like using the “Cubs” word to show someone’s stupidity (and this White Sox fan uses it a lot.) Of course, it works just as well if you use “Republican” to describe the same idiot.

Cubs fans, Republicans, right-wing, Bush, Daley, Blago, Madigan… what’s the difference? It all screams 35 I.Q. to me. And that goes for the m– (WATCH THE HAWKS TAKE ON THE PHOENIX COYOTES LIVE FROM THE UNITED CENTER, NOV. 30 AT 7 PM ON COMCAST SPORTSNET -FAN’S BEST FRIEND.)

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2 thoughts on “They like us… They really, really like us…

    • Hey T,

      I found your blog from Hibbard’s place.

      While your initial short comments there left me with the impression that you were trolling as much as any of the others there, your last lengthy comment on why you started your blog completely reversed my initial negative impression. Then following the link here I find your well written post “A message from yours truly.”

      Your blog has some substance to it. Some meat on its bones so to speak. You said you created it to fill a void, and from what I’ve read briefly I happen to think you’re filling that void pretty damn well.

      So you keep on writing and blogging just as long as you enjoy doing it and care to do it.



      About me:
      Sci-Fi fan, technology geek, likes “Family Guy” and “South Park”

      and oh yes…

      really hoping this doesn’t scream 35 IQ

    • Thanks, I appreciate it! And it turns out both of us like the same things… It definitely doesn’t scream out 35 I.Q.


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