So they covered it after all…

It turns out some media outlets did report on the FCC public hearings that took place last night:

From WBBM-TV: Hundreds Line Up Speak To FCC About Media Rules

From Fox News Chicago (WFLD): FCC Hearing Attracts Hundreds in Chicago

WMAQ-TV also mentioned the hearing last night on its’ 10 p.m. newscast.

Meanwhile, Presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama is calling for the FCC to scale back media consolidation and reduce the length of TV station licenses. He’s also calling for more diversity in media ownership. An aide to Obama read a statement from him before the meeting.

TV week is reporting that FCC Chairman Kevin Martin met with the Tribune editorial board before the meeting (perhaps that’s why he was late?) to discuss the cross-ownership rule. Sam Zell is buying the Tribune Co. and would like to keep the media properties intact.