Mancow sues Emmis and Q101

Erich “Mancow” Mueller has filed a lawsuit against Emmis Communications, his former employer who dismissed him last year as morning jock at the company’s alternative rock station, WKQX-FM, or Q101.

The suit he filed was for $6 million dollars.

In the lawsuit, Mueller alleges that Emmis kept him from employing him on another radio station in the market (he nearly had a deal with Urban WPWX-FM); claimed that Q101 personalities made fun on the air and management made disparaging remarks about him; and sabotaged his efforts to lease studio space – he claims four handshake agreements fell though.

Check this out: A banner ad for his morning show on this industry web site claims that Mancow’s program is still on in Chicago, even though it hasn’t been on in this market for the past year (those numbers are dated from the Summer 2006 book.)