Sun-Times stoop to new lows

The local Onion continues to stir up controversy in its paper rather than report the facts. Take a look at this article from Friday regarding a racially changing Southwest Side neighborhood. Then there’s the continued loony antics of Jay Mariotti , who continues his assault on good journalism. And check this worthless blog where yours truly posted three times. (Apparently, some of them didn’t read one of my think tanks…)

If this is news to you, perhaps you should read my think tank on the Sun-Times, which I wrote nearly four months ago (One change since that article came out: The Defender no longer has podcasts. I guess they’re dumbing the paper down to the Sun-Times’ level.)

At least Ebert gave The Simpsons Movie a good review. The only saving grace of this joke of a “newspaper”, run by a bunch of assclowns.