Program Partners scores coup in New York

Let’s Play Crosswords, the new game show from small syndicator Program Partners, nabbed a big timeslot in the biggest market in the country – by getting the 4 p.m. time slot on WNBC-TV in New York City.

This comes as syndicators are gearing up to launch their new shows in September. (registration may be required to click on link)

Among the promotional pushes: Program Partners is spending upwards of $10 million for Crosswords’ promotional budget, which includes off-network licensing and merchandising, including host Ty Treadway shooting custom promos for all 125 markets that carry the show, and stations in California hooking up with each other for a Crosswords casting call.

Meanwhile, Sony Television is launching Judge David Young with unique promo spots for stations, and NBC Universal’s new Steve Wilkos show has the star touring this summer, and at the same time, helping to fight children’s cancer by visiting children in hospitals, and with the St. Baldrick’s foundation, urging people to shave their heads in solidarity with kids who have to get their head shaved during chemotherapy. Wilkos is also working with sales teams and station managers, to help launch the show.