Presenting the Spring 2007 Arbitron book

For Chicago and Milwaukee. Random thoughts:

-WGCI-FM, WVAZ, and WPWX all are down from last book. The Howard McGee debacle at WGCI certainly won’t help them as they might not see No.1 for a very long time.

– WBBM-FM got pummeled by WKSC-FM (Kiss), falling out of the top 10 and recording their worst numbers since 1982. Time for some changes at B96 (Hint: start with the awful morning show.)

– Urban/Hip-Hop/Rhythmic stations down as a whole in Chicago. Don Imus backlash? Might not get better with PPMs coming.

– Hot AC WTMX-FM is getting hot indeed with their highest ratings in over a year.

– Oldies WZZN is tied with B96 for 13th place. When WZZN was WYTZ, or Z95, they got hammered by the Killer Bee. Revenge is sweet.

– WLIT is up a tad, but the station’s focus is still a mess.

– Jack is gone in NYC, but now has posted its highest ratings in Chicago since the switch from Oldies.

– WKQX-FM and WCKG-FM both trended up. Not as dead as we thought they were.

– CBS’ WSCR-AM defeats ESPN’s WMVP in sports supremacy.

-WVON, the new all-black talk station, is still trying to find an audience.

– WRZA-FM in Park Forest (formerly WBUS-FM) – part of the Nine FM triplecast – made it onto the survey for the first time in over a year. I guess we Southlanders love our variety hits.

– As far as Milwaukee is concerned, WTMJ-AM remains at the top, but Urban WKKV-FM soared to third place with CHR WXSS-FM in fourth and rocker WHQG-FM (The Hog) in sixth. Is Milwaukee radio doing something right that Chicago isn’t?