Howard McGee finally exits WGCI

As reported here and in Feder’s column on July 6, Howard McGee is out at WGCI-FM as morning man and will be replaced by Steve Harvey’s syndicated program effective August 1 (Yes, the program starts on a Wednesday, in the middle of the week.) McGee’s last program was today.

Also out are Nikki Woods and executive producer Art Porter. Leon Rogers will fill-in until Harvey’s show starts.

Quick Thought:

Rank in the young adult demos: #1.

Revenue brought in: millions and millions of dollars.

Ranking overall: tied for third with a 4.5 share.

Getting canned by Clear Channel for all those achievements: priceless.

Given moves like this, as well as last week’s debacle featuring Channel 2, Channel 5 and Amy Jacobson, one could wonder why Chicagoans hold the media business in such low regard.

With apologizes to Canada’s public broadcaster, Clear Channel should rename themselves the CBC- Cheap Bastards Channel.