Comic-Con: not just for comic book fans anymore

Television producers and studios are finding that the annual comic book convention held in San Diego called Comic-Con is a great marketing tool for launching their new fall television shows (take that, Promax), especially if the shows are a sci-fi or fan frenzy nature (i.e. Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica…)

This year’s convention has more than 100 TV-related projects that will be screened, including an extended version of the Bionic Woman pilot to panels for all of Fox’s prime-time animated comedies.

Meanwhile, if you can’t get to Comic-Con (and unfortunately, yours truly is one of those), then G4 will bring it to you – the Comcast-owned male-targeted network is providing coverage of the event starting today, with interviews featuring celebrities and other pop-culture icons.

G4 is covering the event online with exclusive interviews, photos, and cool interactive elements, including video voice mail (though no word if it will be provided by Comcast.)

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