Mr. McMahon is dead. Dewey defated Truman, too.

Mr. McMahon was in a limo in which it exploded, and he is presumed dead.

And if you believe this, then:

– The Trix rabbit will steal your cereal this morning.

– Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama will become best friends.

– NBC’s new fall lineup will vault the network to No.1

– WGN-AM will fall to 30th place in the next Arbitron book.

Deal or No Deal will replace its lovely models with 26 Rosie O’Donnell lookalikes.

– Paris Hilton will become America’s Sweetheart.

– The CTA’s subways will be free of that urine smell.

– The Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the World Series this year – or any year.

– You’re an idiot.

Like Mr. McMahon (yeah, right) WWE wrestling has been “presumed dead” for the last five years…

(But you have to admit it… the ending here was more satisfying than The Sopranos…)