CRTC approves CTV-CHUM marriage

Canada’s version of the FCC, the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission, approved the merger between CTV Globemedia and CHUM, Ltd. However, the comission did not approve thhe transdfer of five television stations – in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, given the fact that CTV already owns a television station in each market. Hadn’t it done so, it would have created duoplies in those markets – common in most major television markets south of the 49th parallel.

The approvals greenlights CTV to acquire seven TV stations, 34 radio stations, and in whole or part, 20 specialty cable services.

The Friends of Canadian Broadcasting praised the deal, as did the Association of Canadian Advertisers, especially the part where those five TV stations would have to be divested.

At least one government agency, albeit in another country, got it right.