B 96 Summerbash bashed

Ah… the typical radio station outdoor concert… where fights break out, people mysteriously die and adult items are passed out to twelve-year olds.

And yes, there was plenty of teen drinking and drug use at the bash.

And this parent who was “outraged”… save your phony act for To Catch A Predator.

Not to mention the biggest headliner (Akon) couldn’t finish his set because Toyota Park shut down at 11 p.m. due to a Bridgeview noise ordinance.

And there were reports that the acoustics sucked and many of the artists lip-synched their songs.

And of course, the brain trust at B96 and Toyota Park will hold this again next year in Bridgeview. And they will screw it up again next year.

Yes, the show was mediocre… Pretty much like radio and the music industry itself.