Utah’s version of "Jerry Springer"

Interesting how Fox O&O KSTU labeled a debate between Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Salt Lake City Mayor Democrat Rocky Anderson “Smackdown” – a debate on the Iraq War that turned into a debacle while a similarly-titled show, WWE Friday Night Smackdown, was airing at the same time on the CW on local affiliate KUCW-TV).

(Wait a minute. A Democrat in Utah? That’s like a Cubs fan on the South Side, right Michael Wilbon?)

It appears people in Salt Lake City picked the real trash TV from the fake one. The only thing missing from the debate Friday night were the hookers and which brother slept with which sister.

And of course, Steve. You can’t have a raucous debate without Steve separating the combatants (By the way, Steve, or Steve Wilkos, gets his own talk show this fall.)

How about this idea… A debate between Hannity and Mayor Daley here in Chicago. And here’s the perfect place for it – the studios where Jerry Springer is taped. But of course it will never happen…. Hannity and Daley agree on too much. Plus, Daley doesn’t debate. Just ask his recent mayoral opponents, whoever they were. You sure one of them wasn’t Steve Wilkos?