Sniff ‘n’ S***

Diane Wets of Newsday says that tonight’s “laugh n’ sniff” promotion of tonight’s My Name Is Earl is a joke (of the pathetic sense) and today’s sitcoms are hardly the caliber of past Must See TV sitcom successes.

When you think about it, the state of the sitcom is pretty much like the state of the Chicago Blackhawks – Both had they’re heyday, both are struggling, both are run by idiots who don’t know what they’re doing (in the sitcom’s case it’s network executives), both have few viewers (or fans), and both are on the verge of extinction.

How about a new sitcom featuring Hawks owner Bill Wirtz? Watch as hijinks ensue every week as Dollar Bill stumbles around drunk trying to run his pathetic hockey team and his pathetic family….

Oh wait a minute… I’m describing According to Jim. Nevermind….