Touchtone Television becomes ABC Television Studio

In a move that will also likely mean the end of the Touchtone and Buena Vista names (as far as television is concerned,) The Walt Disney Co. has renamed its network TV unit ABC Television Studio and its Buena Vista Games video game unit to Disney Interactive Studios. This comes as Disney wants to streamline its media properties to fall under the core brands of Disney, ESPN, or ABC.

This may also mean a possible name change for Buena Vista Television, the Walt Disney Co.-owned syndication unit. It is clear that the networks want their network names back in syndication (as in CBS Films, NBC films, and ABC films, the syndication units the networks operated until fin-syn arrived in 1970.) Already, CBS ditched the King World and Paramount names for CBS Television Distribution, and Universal Television became NBC Universal Television Distribution after General Electric, which owns NBC, purchased Universal Studios in 2004. It would make sense for Disney/ABC since the other nets have done it already.