Time’s up, you quack. Now get the hell off the stage.

Another one bites the dust: As expected, Warner Bros. has mercifully pulled the plug on the worthless Dr. Keith Ablow Show (And I use the term “Dr.” loosely here.) This bastard, who apparently got his PhD from one of those Sally Stuthers TV commercials (The earn your degree at home one, not the starving children spot), will lose his loser talk show at the end of the season.

America stayed away from this quack, who national rating average never made it above 1.0. The program was downgraded in a few markets, including Chicago, where it was moved from 2pm to 8am.

That’s three and out for syndicated talk shows this year, with The Megan Mulually Show and Greg Behrendt already canceled earlier this season. Plus, don’t forget the demise of Geraldo At Large.