Jerry Springer’s secruity guy gets a talk show (Updated)

Steve Wilkos, a Marine and former Chicago police officer, will be getting his own talk show, thanks to NBC Universal.

WIlkos, who first moonlighted on Springer since 1994 as a secruity guard, and probably best known for breaking up the altercations on the program, was signed to do an issued-oriented talk show that will tape here in Chicago at the NBC Tower, home of WMAQ-TV.

Jerry Springer, along with Judge Greg Mathis‘ court show, also tape there.

The program has cleared all Tribune and some Sinclair stations, including Tribune-owned WGN-TV in Chicago. Jerry Springer’s talk show however, continues to air on Fox’s WPWR-TV at 2p.m. It is not known if Springer will continue to air on WPWR next season. (Springer’s talk show airs on most other Tribune stations, including WPIX in New York and KTLA in Los Angeles.)

Wilkos’ show will likely replace the failing Greg Behrendt talk show, which now airs at 10a.m. on WGN.

Jerry Springer has taped several special episodes over the years titled “Steve To the Rescue”, in which he travels the country, giving advice and helping people out of certain situations.

In Rob Feder’s column, Jerry Springer wishes his protector well: “I am thrilled that Steve is getting his own shot. . . . The question now is: How well can he dance?”

updated 1-17-06 at 10:29