… and Geraldo as well

The ax has fallen on Geraldo at Large, the Twentieth Television-syndicated newsmagazine show that replaced the failed revival of A Current Affair last year. Hosted by Fox News Channel personality and former daytime talk-show host Geraldo Rivera, At Large did well in a few markets like New York, but in many other places, like here in Chicago, the program ran up against tough competition and did not have a benefit of a news lead-in.

This is the second syndicated show to be canceled in two days, following the cancellation of The Megan Mulually Show on Wednesday.

This is also Geraldo Rivera’s second failed attempt at a syndicated news magazine. Now It Can Be Told, a similar syndicated program he hosted during the 1991-92 season for Tribune, flopped for pretty much the same reasons his current show did.

Call it a case of Deja Vu, only without Beyonce.

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