So… how that’s working out for ya?

Aaron Barnhart of TV Barn interviews the GMs of the local Kansas City MyNetworkTV (KSMO-TV) and CW (KCWE-TV) affiliates, and finds that the rough is going for both of the affiliates of the new networks.

Several interesting finds: 1.) The CW’s ratings are down in Kansas City from both WB and UPN. (In Chicago however, CW’s ratings have been somewhat successful, thanks in part to WGN-TV’s strong overall performance.) 2.) KCWE’s overall ratings are up, but the increase comes from Dr. Phil and Oprah reruns (from sister station KMBC-TV), not from the CW lineup. 3.) At 7pm, more viewers are watching reruns of Mama’s Family on KMCI-TV than Desire, the dreadful telenovela that mercifully wraps up tomorrow (and so does its equally crapful companion, Fashion House. )

MyNetworkTV is introducing two new telenovelas to replace the exiting shows, effective Wednesday. (Why Wednesday? Shouldn’t weekday shows like that debut at the start of the week… like, oh I don’t know… on MONDAY?)

One thing we know… Here in Chicago, whatever replaces those two programs will be beaten in the ratings by Chicago Tonight on Channel 11 and Comics Unleashed and repeats of Becker on WCIU. Maybe MyNetworkTV should look into hiring Phil Ponce, Byron Allen, and Ted Danson.