Cara Carriveau goes in The Mix

It looks like there is a happy ending after all for a radio personality who was unceremoniously dumped from a local radio station two years ago – because she basically spoke her mind about the business. Cara Carriveau, who was fired as midday personality at WLUP-FM (The Loop) back in 2006, has found a new gig. She has landed at […]

Chicago radio’s Winter book results

The winter books are here, and according to Arbitron (click here to see daypart info): WINNERS: WGN-AM: This could be the beginning of a long reign for longtime leader WGN-AM on top of the radio hill in Chicago, as the station fended off WGCI to remain numero uno in Chicago’s Winter Arbitron book, and is expected to remain number one […]

WBBM-AM tops WGN-AM in revenue dept.

2007 was a good year for WBBM-AM, even if the Bears didn’t win the Super Bowl. In a stunner, the news/talk station ranked first in revenues for 2007 with $47.5 million – up from $45.9 million a year ago, surging ahead of arch rival WGN, which had $43.5 million. WGN ranked first for the last three years. WTMX’s demo-friendly upscale […]

Presenting the Spring 2007 Arbitron book

For Chicago and Milwaukee. Random thoughts: -WGCI-FM, WVAZ, and WPWX all are down from last book. The Howard McGee debacle at WGCI certainly won’t help them as they might not see No.1 for a very long time. – WBBM-FM got pummeled by WKSC-FM (Kiss), falling out of the top 10 and recording their worst numbers since 1982. Time for some […]

Winter ratings (Updated)

Arbitron released the Winter Chicago radio ratings yesterday. Analysis: * As Robert Feder points out, the stations that benefited the most were the black and Hispanic-targeted stations, taking 5 out of the top 10. WGCI-FM remains No.1 (In other words, don’t write off hip-hop yet.) *Urban AC WVAZ-FM (V103) was a big winner, moving up to fourth place. *Top 40 […]

Chicago radio has hit two new lows

Yes, it’s possible. Is anyone really surprised? (okay, okay… this isn’t another Think Tank piece… ) Thursday, The Mix (have Eric & Kathy ever heard of Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger?) and Friday, The Score (It’s like picking what team to root for…the Pistons or the Cavaliers.) Yes, the radio industry is slowly ceasing to exist. Thank goodness for iPods, […]

Deconstructing Feder

Robert Feder’s column in the Sun-Times today: – WCIU-TV is taking advantage of WFLD-TV’s move of The Simpsons to 10:35 p.m. by taking out billboards proclaiming that “Now Bart can watch The King of Queens at 10 p.m.” Somehow, I envisioned Bart watching Futurama on Adult Swim instead… – Meet WKQX-FM’s (or Q101) spokesman: retiring Price is Right host Bob […]