Minneapolis, Cleveland TV stations worry about LPMs

If you think radio stations in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles are worrying about Arbitron’s Portable People Meters – then you haven’t seen anything yet. Television executives in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Cleveland are sweating it out over the next several months as Local People Meters – or LPMs, become the standard of measurement for television ratings measured by Nielsen. […]

T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

In celebration of post number 1400, let’s see what’s in the bag (some celebration, huh?) – How about this? With the White Sox victory over the Twins in last night’s tiebraker game for the American League Central Division Title, both the Cubs and the White Sox are in the postseason for the first time in 102 years. But if you […]

Chicago PPM July numbers

Remember, these are only in the pre-currency stage and the Portable People Meters go live in October, so here are the partial rankings among adults 25-54 and 18-34, according to All Access: Adults 25-54 1. WDRV-FM (The Drive) 2. WTMX-FM (The Mix) 3. WUSN-FM (US 99) 4. WXRT-FM 5. WLEY-FM6. WVAZ-FM (V103)7. WOJO-FM8. WLUP-FM (The Loop)9. WLS-FM (True Oldies Channel)10. […]

More Chicago PPM results

All Access interviewed Radio Crunch’s Anthony Acampora about the pre-currency results from Arbitron’s new Portable People Meter, which is intended to replace the diaries the company has been using for decades. Keep in mind this is based on only one month of findings. Among the findings: – Bonneville seems to be the big winner, with WDRV-FM (The Drive) surging in […]

Arbitron delays PPM rollout

Arbitron has delayed its controversial Portable People Meter until September 2008 for several markets including New York and Chicago. The delays are being instituted because of kinks that have to be worked out in the system, including better measurement of minority audiences.

Spanish broadcaster charges racism in Arbitron numbers

Plus other demo ratings news of note Spanish-language broadcaster WLEY-FM is charging that the station’s numbers -as well as those of other Hispanic broadcasters – are down become Arbitron did not send out enough diaries to Spanish-speaking households in the Chicago area. “I question the statistical reliability of this survey,” he said. “They did not have a sufficient number of […]