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Gannett, Belo to merge

In what is believed to be one of the biggest deals in at least a decade, McLean, Va.-based Gannett, Inc. announced Thursday morning their intent to buy Dallas-based [..]

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Tribune files bankruptcy

In a move that comes as surprising and shocking, The Tribune Co. – home to the Chicago Tribune, WGN-TV and WGN-AM and the Chicago Cubs, has filed for [..]

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FCC approves XM-Sirius deal

Much like what the New York Mets did in the cover of darkness (canning manager Willie Randolph after hours), those class acts at the FCC approved the XM-Sirius [..]

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T Dog’s Think Tank: Worst debate ever?

You want to know what I thought of the Clinton-Obama debate? Worst. Debate. Ever. If Comic Book Guy watched the debate Wednesday night on ABC, he would’ve said [..]

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T Dog’s Think Tank: Can you smell what the mayor is cookin’ ?

Usually the T Dog Media Blog doesn’t devolve into local politics since this is a media blog (it says that in the name!) and not a political one. [..]

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Justice Department approves XM-Sirius merger

The Justice Department approved the XM-Sirius deal, which clears another hurdle for the two to hook up (only the FCC stands in the way now.)

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Oh, shut up!

From the person who doesn’t know anything about sports – or anything else for that matter, Jay Moron – I mean Mariotti, addresses the Chet Coppock controversy, being [..]

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Microsoft bids for Yahoo

The world’s largest computer company made a $44.6 billion bid for its arch web portal rival, and to compete more effectively with Google. So more consolidation in the [..]

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Big Media gets Christmas gift from FCC today

The ownership vote fell among party lines 3-2. Which means a lump of coal for the rest of us. As you all know, this is far from over. [..]

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The writer’s strike and media consolidation

What does one have to do with the other? The writers (and actors) aren’t the only ones getting screwed over by the big studios. Click here for details. [..]

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T Dog’s Think Tank: We are pissed

The FCC came to Chicago last Thursday, for public hearings on media consolidation and diversity. The whole thing was webcast for the world to hear on the FCC’s [..]

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So they covered it after all…

It turns out some media outlets did report on the FCC public hearings that took place last night: From WBBM-TV: Hundreds Line Up Speak To FCC About Media [..]

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Live blogging the FCC hearings

12:30am It’s finally over. Thanks for hanging in with us.12:05 am A Korean television station (WOCH) is now being talked about.12:01 am (now 9/21) Just a thought: Where [..]

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Chances of XM, Sirius merger looks better

Make that much better. And it always helps to have Wall Street in your corner. Analysts are predicting that the XM/Sirius merger may go through as soon as [..]

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FCC to hold Chicago hearings – at Operation PUSH

In a surprise move, the planned media-ownership hearings in Chicago won’t be held in the Loop at Columbia College or Roosevelt University – but at Operation PUSH here [..]

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