4:30 a.m. news: The sensation that’s sweeping the nation

It’s no longer a rush to get into the 4:30 a.m. news business – it’s a stampede. Consider this – a recent search of TVNewsCheck of “4:30” turned up a whopping 115 items., with most of the stories featuring stations starting 4:30 a.m. newscasts in the past year, or so. This isn’t a rush – it’s a stampede. Get the […]

"Judge Hatchett" to end production

Sony Pictures Television’s Judge Hatchett daytime strip will end original production after eight seasons, but instead will pitch “best of” theme weeks to TV stations for next fall. Hatchett airs locally on Fox-owned WFLD-TV. Since there are so many episodes produced of Hatchett over the years, Sony says the move makes economical sense – there are well over 1000 episodes […]