What Rahm Emanuel’s decision means for Chicago media

The Rahmfather calls it a career as local stations could reap another political windfall from upcoming mayor’s race It was eight years ago last week when longtime Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley announced he would not seek reelection for a seventh term. Now, Chicago is at the same crossroads with the announcement last Wednesday of current mayor Rahm Emanuel deciding […]

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Town Hall is NOT a flop…in drawing listeners

Despite panning from social media, listeners tuned in to Chicago mayor’s interview In this space last week, yours truly declared the “historic” radio interview with Rahm Emanuel a flop, mainly because of flaws in the format and the questions were of the softball variety. But when it came to attracting listeners – that was a different story altogether. Despite panning […]

Mayor Emanuel’s “Radio Town Hall” a flop

Half-hour roadblock on 47 radio stations unimpresses listeners It looked like a good idea on paper: get together 47 Chicago radio stations – including suburban sticks – and Rahm Emanuel was going to address the city on major issues. At the same time, local radio stations were demonstrating their commitment to their communities. The result was anything but. Chicago Mayor […]

T Dog’s Media Notepad: Chicago radio stations to carry Mayor Emanuel interview

Also: Conviction canceled, becomes first casualty; NFL ratings continue to decline; WLIT to flip to Christmas music Thursday; PlaysttionVue drops Viacom channels Fresh after a bruising election season, Chicago radio listeners are going to subjected to a half-hour with Mayor Rahm Emanuel – whether they like it or not. On Monday, over 40 radio stations in the Chicago area are airing a half-hour interview […]