Comic-Con: The New NATPE? (updated)

Remember when the major studios (especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s) had big booths at the NATPE convention to entice station buyers with costumed characters, major stars, and even wrestling matches? Well, those days are over as escalating costs have driven them off the convention floor and into hotel suites and the carnival sideshows have been cut. But it seems […]

Ladies and Gentlemen – the 1,000th post.

The T Dog Media Blog has reached its 1,000th post. And in those one thousand posts, what has we learned? Well… – Jim Belushi still has no talent whatsoever. – Chicago celebrities in Hollywood can be just as much as a jerk as anyone else – except the one who won the Oscar last year. – If you a guy, […]

"Clone Wars" to TNT, Cartoon Network

George Lucas’ new animated Star Wars series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will premiere this fall on Turner’s Cartoon Network and on TNT, with a 3-D motion picture (also titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars) scheduled to hit theaters on August 15. The program and movie is being distributed and produced by Warner Bros.– not News Corp’s Twentieth Television, which […]

The Excellent 10 of 2007 and more

From #10 to #1, the best TV shows of 2007… 10) Chuck (NBC) Computer geek who works at a big-box is also a spy. Great concept. 9) Mad Men (AMC). Realistic look at ad agency business in the 1960’s, far more accurate than what you saw on Bewitched. On Mad Men, nobody becomes impotent from spells cast by Endora. 8) […]

The Toilet Bowl of 2007

There were a lot of forgettable moments in media in 2007, and we have them right here… First, let’s start off with the year’s worst TV, from #10 to #1: 10) The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News): This show still sucks. 9) Around the Horn (ESPN) Ditto. 8. Chicago Sports (various channels) What a great year for Chicago Sports! The Cubs […]

Score big with Bender

He’s not Devin Hester (that’s for sure), but his return is a touchdown for long-suffering Futurama fans. Futurama is back with the equivalent of four all-new episodes in stores today on DVD titled Bender’s Big Score. Taking the same tack Family Guy used to thank its fans for helping bring back the show to network television two years ago (in […]

The 2007 T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards

With the Pumpkin Pie Awards for Excellence Welcome to the second annual T Dog Media Blog Turkey Awards. Once again, we’re here to serve up the disasters in media in 2007. I have nineteen¬†turkeys to hand out… so let’s get gobbling! And this year’s awards go to… – The Chicago Bears. A Super Bowl hangover this year. And especially Rex […]

A message from yours truly

To: Our Readers Over the last fourteen months, I have had the pleasure of writing about TV and radio to you, and we’ve had some fun along the way. But let me tell you something. When people – notably those who hate the media business (radio and TV) and say I’m wasting my time writing this blog, I say to […]

Comic-Con: not just for comic book fans anymore

Television producers and studios are finding that the annual comic book convention held in San Diego called Comic-Con is a great marketing tool for launching their new fall television shows (take that, Promax), especially if the shows are a sci-fi or fan frenzy nature (i.e. Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica…) This year’s convention has more than 100 TV-related projects that will […]