Welcome to the new, redesigned T Dog Media website

Welcome to the new look T Dog Media website!

So long, ol’ blue.

Since the blog launched in 2006, T Dog Media has had only one makeover – and that was in September 2011. I felt it was time to update the site as the blue theme being used became outdated and was no longer being updated by its provider.

For the last few months, there was no transparency in the how the site looked on desktop devices as at times it looked normal and other times looked quite primitive as comments started disappearing from the site and behind some inaccessible RSS feed, on the desktop version at least.

And with the website theme no longer being updated, there was concern the site could be vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and DDOS attacks. 

So, it’s time to give the site a complete refresh – from top to bottom.

Among the changes:

– Improved home page. The new home page now comes with a short 60-word summary for each story instead of giving it away upfront, encouraging readers to click on the story to read the rest. Plus, a shot of Chicago’s skyline.

– Goodbye, sidebar. The sidebar found in the desktop version has been removed as it is no longer needed, given many customers read posts on mobile devices and was not made available. The Archives and Tags have been relocated to the bottom footer of the website so all readers can access them. Removing the sidebar makes more room for content and less scrolling. 

– A new top bar. Available for desktop users, all the site’s social media buttons are being placed on a new colorful top bar and being expanded with contact information and yours truly’s name. 

– Uniform look across all devices. No more different looks on different devices! The website now has one uniform look across all devices (with the exception of the top bar for mobile.) 

– Don’t forget the bottom. Read all the way to the footer! There, you’ll find the same information located on the top bar including contact information, now available for the first time to mobile readers.

– Comments are back! For desktop users, comments are back front and center so you can complain about your favorite TV show or lob insults at yours truly (please read the commenting policy below before you do so.) 

– Faster load times. Pages now loads faster than you can say quick. 

-Under the hood: T Dog Media still uses WordPress with a new theme provided by Bizberg Services, replacing the Absolum theme the site used for the last decade. 

– More items coming soon. More items are being planned for the site in the next few months, so keep it here. 

I hope you enjoy the new look, which should be useful for years to come. I’ll be making some adjustments in the weeks to come, so you can say the site is in beta mode for now. As always, thanks for your support and happy reading!


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