Matt Spiegel returns to the Score and reunites with Danny Parkins

Spiegel can now ruin Pizza Friday every week.

Team reunites after three years apart

After being demoted at The Score three years ago, Matt Speigel is back in the afternoons where he belongs. 

Beginning today, Speigel is reunited with co-host Danny Parkins in afternoons from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Entercom-owned sports talk station after being bounced for a returning Dan McNeil. 

From the press release

“Matt has always been part of the Score team, but the fact that he is now reunited with Danny in Afternoons is great news most for fans,” said Mitch Rosen, Brand Manager, 670 The Score. “Matt’s popularity with our audience throughout all of our platforms is unwavering. The content he delivers on a daily basis is thoughtful, entertaining, opinionated sports talk, and data shows from the previous time together that listeners love this tandem of Danny and Matt.”

“This is where I’m supposed to be: talking sports and more with this audience, creating a daily space for connection and companionship,” said Spiegel. “There’s nothing like it. Danny Parkins is a great host and a good friend. What he and I had found in terms of chemistry was special three years ago and I’m super excited to resume, move forward creatively, and see where we can go.”

Speigel has been with WSCR in some capacity or another since 1994 in numerous roles in a variety of dayparts and recently taken a position with Marquee Sports as a contributor to Chicago Cubs coverage. From 2017 to 2018, he was an afternoon co-host with Parkins until he was replaced by McNeil thanks in part to since-departed Entercom market manager and senior vice-president Jimmy deCastro. Speigel remained with The Score in a fill-in/weekend role. 

Last September, McNeil was fired from The Score after making a sexist statement on social media regarding ESPN’s Maria Taylor on-air wardrobe during a Monday Night Football game. 

This latest change comes a month after WSCR announced the promotion of Leila Rahimi to full-time co-host with Dan Bernstein mornings from 9 am. to noon, becoming the first woman to hold a full-time position at a Chicago radio sports talk station. 


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