Rahm Emanuel, Todd Stroger get new gig

Emanuel, Stroger proves former politicians can really network well in getting media gigs

Did you really think we were really getting rid of Rahm?

On Tuesday, the former Mayor of Chicago announced he lined up two new gigs: one with ABC News, where he is going to be a paid contributor and an political analyst for Good Morning America, and on the print side, he will pen a column for The Atlantic.

A spokesperson for The Atlantic said their publication would be “the primary home for Emanuel’s writing.” The former mayor has already written a few articles for the publication.

Emanuel is no stranger to the tube. He has made numerous appearances as a pundit on ABC’s Sunday morning public-affairs program This Week, including one on May 12. Emanuel has also shown up on CNN in the same role. In 2014, he appeared in CNN’s eight-hour docuseries Chicagoland, described by many as an infomercial for Emanuel.

This comes as Emanuel’s second term ended on Monday as new mayor Lori Lightfoot was sworn in.

Emanuel isn’t the only former politician who was hired by the media recently.

As reported by Robert Feder on May 14, Midway’s WVON-AM hired former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger as co-host of their morning drive show alongside Maze Jackson. During his time as Board President, Stroger made numerous unpopular decisions, including an infamous tax increase which led to his ouster in the 2010 election by current board president (and recently defeated mayoral candidate) Toni Preckwinkle, who had a tax increase controversy of her own.

Of note in this blog’s first year (when this place was known for snark more than anything else) T Dog Media dinged Stroger, tying him to the over-the-hill medical drama Grey’s Anatomy (yes, it’s still on the air.)

In recent years, several politicians have carved out second careers in the media, notably as radio talk show hosts. WVON employed convicted felon and former 20th Ward Alderman Clifford Kelley until March, when he announced his retirement. Another former alderman and convicted felon was hired in 2009 when WGN-AM gave Jim Laski a show. In 2013, WIND-AM hired former congressman Joe Walsh for their afternoon shift.

Now that he’s on the payroll, you wonder if ol’ Rahm could work his way up the corporate ladder, with Disney/ABC giving him his own syndicated daytime talk show. Let’s hope and pray Tamron Hall’s upcoming show does well because I don’t think anyone can stand seeing Rahm interviewing Kim Kardashian and doing fashion segments.