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  1. Heathe Scot

    Just curious…do you think Mom got poor timeslots because it has not one, but two basic cable homes showing the same reruns daily(TvLand and CMT) Both stations have made a fairly large promotional blitz announcing the shows even having the stars do Promos.

  2. John N.

    Since the Tribune stations in the top 3 markets have buried Mom in late night or very late night timeslots, I wonder why they even bought the off-network syndication rights to the show. Was it done to keep it away from competitors? Considering Two And A Half Men has been running on WGN-TV practically non-stop with 2 or 4 episodes weeknights, I was hoping Channel 9 was going to air at least one episode of Mom and one episode of The Goldbergs in primetime to go with Last Man Standing. I have to admit I don’t like when stations/networks air multiple episodes of a show, whether it’s a sitcom or a drama, in a day because they go through the episodes quicker. You see repeats of repeats much sooner. Also, with so many off-network sitcoms on multiple outlets (cable networks and local stations), whatever happened to the old syndication-exclusivity rules of the past. I remember when certain programs airing on local WGN-TV Channel 9 could not be run on the WGN Superstation.

    • Terence

      Those “snydex” rules are still in place AFAIK, but marketplace changes have rendered them moot in the case you described. The rules are basically there now to keep cable systems from importing broadcast channels from other markets.

    • I know how you feel. I myself am a believer of syndicated exclusivity. It really doesn’t help matters when the same show is seen on a cable network as it is on a local station. The burn factor is increased a hundred fold when this occurs.

      I will be starting a blog of “my pet peeves about television stations” in the coming weeks. As soon as I have the URL, I will have a link to it on my Facebook page.

  3. John N.

    I forgot to mention that I have hardly seen any promos on WGN-TV for Mom. The last time I saw any promos for Mom was back around Mother’s Day when they had a few promos for Mom, coming this fall. On the flipside of that, Channel 9 has had many promos for The Goldbergs. Again, it makes me wonder about WGN-TV’s confidence or lack of confidence in Mom.

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