Welcome to “The Cutler Factor”

Jay Cutler fumbles again. (USA Today)

Jay Cutler signs with Fox Sports.

Caution! You’re about to enter “The No Fumble Zone”.

That’s because we now know Jay Cutler won’t be anywhere near a football anymore.

But the former Chicago Bears quarterback did decide to trade in his cleats for a broadcasting career by joining Fox Sports’ NFL crew. Beginning next season, he’ll hoof it up with play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt, analyst Charles Davis, and sideline reporter Pam Oliver.

So much for appearing on Dancing With The Stars, where Cutler would’ve gotten fewer votes than Lola Falana.

So here’s my “Talking Points”.

As we all know, Cutler has the personality of a wet cloth if he persona on and off the field is any indication. Teammates couldn’t stand him. Opposing players around the league hated him. So can anyone tell me why he’s cut out for TV?

Then again, they did manage to put up with Bill O’Reilly on its Fox News Channel for twenty years.

Agent May from S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t like Cutler. What makes Fox think anyone else would want to work with him?

But this decision is one of those head-scratchers Fox is known for. The questionable hire of Cutler as an analyst falls in line with many over the years throughout parent company 21st Century Fox, including the hires of Dana Walden and Gary Newman to run the broadcast network, which has been a fricking disaster this year. A network once known for innovating series such as The Simpsons, 24, Arrested Development, The Bernie Mac Show, Malcolm In The Middle, and Bob’s Burgers just gave us an useless X-Files reboot and a carbon copy of a failed Chicago crime drama from five years ago.

Its sister news channel – still reeling from a major sex scandal – loves to kiss the President’s behind, as the recent ascension of the guy to the throne may be one of the reasons why Empire is plummeting in the ratings this season, as yours truly pointed out in the most recent post. Empire’s target audience does not want to watch an African-American version of Donald Trump.

And speaking of reboots, the one show that could help the network – American Idol – the show that made the Fox network – could head to ABC (no deal has been signed as of this writing, and Fox is still in the running for Idol.)

But Fox somehow has the funds to sign Jay Cutler, a person who is already paid thanks to stealing money from the Chicago Bears for the last eight years, another organization run by imbeciles. You know what? Maybe Cutler would fit right in.

So here’s the Tip Of The Day: For those opposing the idea of Jay Cutler being in the broadcast booth… look at it this way: at least they didn’t hire Ryan Seacrest.

And The Spin Stops Here. But the fumbles continue for Fox.