6 responses to T Dog’s Media Notepad: WGN-TV adds news, WCIU subtracts “You and Me”

  1. Anonymous

    You should have kept Melissa and Jean. They start my day. John and who does not do it for me.

  2. John N.

    I just realized that the changes to WGN News start on a Tuesday. Why aren’t they beginning on Monday, April 3rd? Also, I saw on Channel 9’s TV schedule that TWO AND A HALF MEN Is additionally listed for 11:30 PM on Monday, April 3rd where THE MIDDLE usually is. Are there other programming changes for Channel 9 that week?

    • Terence

      WGN-TV has the Cubs’ 2017 season opener on the 3rd, presumably in the afternoon. As for the other scheduling changes, I have yet to check them out.

      • Terence

        Update: I checked Titan TV, and found The Middle moves to 12:30 a.m. Fox’s WFLD and CW affiliate WPWR also have numerous programming changes, but they begin this Monday.

  3. John N.

    Thanks for the update, Terence. Looking at the WGN-TV schedule on their website and the press releases on Tribune Media’s website about WGN’s 70th year for Cubs baseball, which lists Channel 9’s upcoming Cubs broadcast schedule, there’s no mention about a Cubs game on Channel 9 for Monday, April 3. I’m not sure the Cubs play on that date.

    • Terence

      You’re welcome. You’re right – I didn’t know the Cubs have the day off -they actually open April 2 with an ESPN game. WGN’s first game is April 5 at 12:45 p.m.

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