Think Tank Express: Random thoughts

Marvel's "Kick" panel at C2E2 with Hayley Atwell (i) and Ming-Na Wen (T Dog Media)
Marvel’s “Kick” panel at C2E2 with Hayley Atwell (l.) and Ming-Na Wen (T Dog Media)

Oh, when are the upfronts? It’s been slow here at the T Dog Media newsdesk. So here are some random thoughts:

Dr. Oz said, for some reason “We will not be silenced” in response to some Columbia University doctors questioning his credentials. But would silence him is low TV ratings.

Instead of reporting the news, CNN and Fox try to become the news during the Baltimore disturbances. The protesters (not rioters – there’s a difference) know something’s up with this – they’re not as dumb as you think.

During the protests, someone in the crowd said Fox News “correspondent” Geraldo Rivera profits off black pain. During his career, Geraldo has profited off everybody’s pain, including the hapless TV viewer – no matter what the color. Someone should’ve wiped the smile off that prick’s face; he had no business down there.

 And speaking of media people who ought to be put out to pasture, WGN Radio’s Walter Jacobson doesn’t like the “Chiraq” name, as alluded to in his “Perspective” commentary this week (he still did those?) Jacobson was the very type of person I was referring to when I wrote this recent piece. And this from someone who at one time dressed up as a homeless guy for a sweeps stunt. Must’ve gotten the idea from his buddy Geraldo.

Meanwhile, WGN-TV reporter Tom Negovan complained Monday night while marching with a crowd on the South Side protesting the Freddie Gray death, that the crowd “wasn’t being cooperative” and was swearing “during a family newscast”. Really? Why should the crowd cooperate with you? And since when a newscast – often filled with violent images, is a ‘family’ one? Negovan is a tool.

Yours truly attended “C2E2” – aka The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on April 24 at McCormick Place and had a great time – especially the “Kick Ass Women of SHIELD” panel I attended, featuring Ming Na-Wen from Marvel’s Agents Of Shield and Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell. And for the first time, C2E2 became a source of breaking media news – at the Adult Swim panel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Dave Willis announced the series would end after this season – its thirteenth.

In its sixth year, C2E2 is gaining a good rep and soon will match the San Diego and New York Comic-Cons as “must attend” and “must follow” events. And best of all – it’s right here in Chicago.

Another successful event sweeping into town recently was the NFL Draft, which showcased the city in a very good light. Not sure why the top two draft picks didn’t want to come and decided to stay home. Do you really want 200 guests trampling on and tearing up your property?

Want a good perspective on how the media handled the recent disturbances in Baltimore? Sun media critic David Zurawik is your guy.

Though yours truly hasn’t watched him since 1997, David Letterman will be missed in late night – especially his Top Ten list.

– How about that? With this entry, I had a top ten list of my own. That’s because I can’t think of anything else to write. Or maybe because I’m tired.